Sunday, March 18, 2007

Desert Blooms

This is my favorite time of year in the desert. The nights are still a bit cool, but the days often get into the 80's. I have been noticing lately that a number of our desert wildflowers are blooming and Liss was nice enough to take some photos of them for me today while we were out driving around. Here are a few of the flowers blooming here in southern New Mexico:

This purple Locoweed is common is sandy areas.
This plant, Pinnate Tanseymustard, is usually the first flower of the spring and is a very common weed.

Spectacle Pod is a true harbinger of spring, with its gray foliage and beautiful white flower spikes growing throughout the desert.

Nama is a very common low growing wildflower that can be found in a variety of habitats--including the yard!

Cryptantha goes almost unnoticed, as it tends to grow under other plants and its flowers are no more than a couple of millimeters across. It's still a pretty little plant, though.

Desert Marigold is one of the most common flowers in southern New Mexico, growing along roadsides, waste areas, and other parts of the desert. I am always happy to see it because I know Spring is truly here, plus it grows easily in the cactus garden!

This little Phacelia, also called scorpion weed, has a more common name--skunk weed, due to its rather disturbing scent! It's a common weed whose beauty is often overlooked.

This is truly one of my favorites. The soft gray foliage is topped by clusters of beautiful mauve to white flowers. It's our only white Bladderpod.

I'm a true plant geek and I can't wait to share more with you as the season progresses! Liss and I are hoping to take the kids on a nature walk in the foothills of the mountains next weekend. We'll be sure to post more!

Oh...and to see what's blooming in our own gardens, be sure to check Melissa's blog!


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