Wednesday, August 08, 2007

More Butterflies, Other Bugs

Today was a very hot day, with the temperature in the low 90's. I did not have a lot of time, nor the inclination to be in the heat, so at lunch I took a walk to an arroyo about 50 yards from the museum. Here is what I saw:

A Sleepy Orange on a Thistle:

A Checkered White on an Aster:

And this, my first Metalmark - Palmer's Metalmark:

This rather odd relative of the Black Widow was seen today:

A neat Tarantula Hawk, these were, literally, covering the climbing milkweed:

A rather odd, fingernail-sized bug, on milkweed:

And here is Climbing Milkweed, host of Queens and nectaring source of many:

A purple Tansy Aster, another nectaring source:

Indian Blanket, yet more nectar!

In addition to these, I saw the ubiquitous skippers, a few Queens, some Clouded and Dainty Oranges, and even a Red Admiral. Quite a good day!


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